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Warwick Window Wanderland

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14 March 2022

Published 16 March 2022

"Creativity inspires ideas, ideas inspire change"

Last weekend Vortex joined a fantastic lineup including our friends Highly Sprung and Ludic Rooms to be part of 'One Night of Wander' - a community event curated by University of Warwick.

We were invited to install a 'Giant Window of Wonder' in their glorious new Faculty of Arts Building.

Created using a combination of vinyl and fabric, our design was inspired by both the green focus of the event's sustainability theme and the proven link between how art and creativity is fundamental in stimulating ideas and decision making.

The full brief and more photos (including a before and after) of the final product are below!


Creativity inspires ideas, ideas inspire change.


It is hard not to be influenced by the world around us and feel like a tiny insignificant part of it.  But we are all able to bring about change.  Tiny ideas grow from something small.  Connections are made, collaborations forged.  One idea inspires another and the synapses of the brain start to fire. Every action causes a reaction and the results can be life changing, or just change a life.  


Art and neuroscience have been intertwined for centuries. When viewing art, there is a major increase in a brain’s delta wave connectivity which is linked to a person’s decision making and how they see what’s around them. 


From experiencing something beautiful to creating it. Creativity will change the world.

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