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Museum of Me

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Celebrating the lives of everyday people

‘Museum of Me’ celebrates the lives of ordinary people by creating individual museums with, for and about them.

It’s a fun, personal and meaningful project that tells the story of each person through a collection of their objects and stories, offering a snapshot of the area they live in.

We were invited to join the project as museum curators. We led the design and build of the museum creating a series of plinths, drawers and a box framed wall that emulated the feel of classic white wall gallery but were made to be flexible and reconfigurable in any location. We then also worked closely with the participants to select objects that represented their life story, transforming the museum every day over the run to showcase a new star.

So far 21 individuals and 1 school have had their ‘Museum of Me’ moment across 2 locations - Blakesley Hall in Birmingham and Coventry’s Cheylesmore Social Club. You can explore their museums here.

'Museum of Me' is a collaboration with Coventry artist Paul O'Donnell and produced by SJ Watkinson of Outer Circle Arts. Generously supported by Birmingham City Council and Arts Council England in partnership with Birmingham Museum Trust.

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