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Dine With Frankenstein

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You are what you eat


Audience members join Dr Frankenstein in the opening of her new laboratory.  The scene is set, the drinks poured and the evening unfolds from exciting launch of the facility and exploration of miracle cures and tonics to discovering the questionable sources of the feast.

While guests are entertained by the Dr herself and her not so together personal assitant  a menu is served tailored to the theme ‘you are what you eat’ (a selection of tasty and terrifying totally vegan treats, despite what you see and might be told), with the evening culminating in a shocking conclusion.


Our sell-out ticketed immersive experience ’Dine With Frankenstein' (formally Nightmares and Nibbles) saw us cook up a no holds barred theatrical and food experience that challenged both the mind and senses over three successive Halloweens.

We partnered with Culture Coventry to bringing to life their venue at the Old Grammar School and combined our spooky transformational touch with various pieces of historical taxidermy from their collection housed at the Herbert Art Gallery to create an immersive space for some Halloween fun.


Dr Frankenstein is looking for a new home for her next laboratory.  We plan to bring the show back in 2025.  While we explore spaces and places, if you would like to discuss the posibilities of Dr Frankenstein paying your venue a visit, or wish to be a producing partner please drop us a line to inspire@vortex-creates.co.uk.

If you are one of Dr Frankenstiens die hard groupies and are wanting to know when next you might visit the laboritory please sign up for our Dine With Frankenstien Newsletter here 

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