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4 November 2019

Published 4 November 2019

As we close the doors for a third year on our immersive experience Nightmares and Nibbles we raise a beaker with our fabulous team to celebrate the best year yet.

You can have the best idea in the world, but without the right people to make it happen you just have a concept. We are incredibly lucky to have an amazing team of freelancers with a gigantic skill set, who approach our projects with so much dedication and passion it makes our hearts swell.

Many creatives choose to constantly re-invent and find themselves in perpetual innovation. While the Vortex team love new challenges, it is projects like these that allow us to tweak and embed, building on previous successes and making the most from what we learn. While new members have joined the team for Nightmares and Nibbles we have a core team who have been with the project from the start, and every year they come with thoughts about how we take the show to the next level, and giving die hard fans who return every year something unexpected.

Our process reminds me of Synectics model of “Cycling Worlds” which I came across while working as a Creative facilitator. It beautifully visualises the need for balance between innovation and operations for success. (Absolutely worth checking this out in more detail as it provides a lightbulb moment for many).

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