The Lost Gift. An Interactive Walk-Through Christmas Experience.

The Lost Gift is an interactive family Christmas adventure, which invites children and families to step into a magical story that they walk through and help create. A host of charming characters guide visitors on a beautifully designed journey through wintery woods, deep underground, up into the sky and away to a land of snow, on a quest to solve the mystery of The Lost Gift.

So grab your hat, scarf and gloves. Be part of a Christmas tale that can’t start without you.

The Lost Gift was Warwick Arts Centre’s first walk-through experience for families at Christmas and was designed and produced in 2015 in collaboration with Highly Sprung Performance Company.

The Lost Gift is currently underdevelopment as a pop up event available for touring.  Please email if you want it at your venue.

“Just wonderful! So magical, intimate, every child was made to feel so involved and special. Incredible scenery and props, fantastic performances. Just brilliant – thank you so much. My little girls 5 and 7 had eyes filled with wonder, the widest of smiles and contented giggles rolling out of their hearts!”

More images can be seen on our Facebook page.