Shop Front Festival

We transform spaces; Inside, Outside, Big, Small.

We were commissioned by  Theatre Absolute on their first Shop Front Festival to create a visual identity for the DIY dance element of the festivals programming.  We also worked with the 8 dance groups performing in those spaces to coordinate their costumes and add an element which signified they belonged.

Inspired by the festivals branding by Andrew Moore we designed and printed our own fabric which we used as fabric drops and costume elements, also using chalks and coloured tapes to respond to the city’s architecture in each performance space, arriving in the spaces on our customised trike kindly loaned from the Coventry Transport Museum.

Our response was not just about the end visuals, but about exploring the art of what we do.  So often we work behind the scenes so people just experience the finished wow, the festival was an opportunity to choreograph how the dressing happened infront of your eyes.

Photos courtesy of Andrew Moore