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So, we are only 6 weeks into the new year, and we’ve already made 15 trees!

We’re very proud to have designed this one, working on the costumes for its first outing as part of Highly Sprung’s One Giant Leap program and this year the set.

Eight-year-old Sophie embarks on an imaginary journey of discovery through roots, branches, cells and DNA to understand why the beloved tree at the bottom of her garden has suddenly become ill.   The audience join Sophie on a mission to find a cure for Tree using only science and her imagination to help her. 

Tree hass been developed in partnership with researchers, clinicians and neurologists at Warwick University and University College London. 

Our concept was to create a tree from wooden ladders which we thought was a nod to the life cycle of a tree.  We found a great family company, Bratts ladders,  in Nottingham who have made ladders for over a hundred years and still use traditional methods to create wooden ones.

Inspired by Highly Sprung’s original marketing the tree’s canopy is a fusion of organic and geometric shapes which fluoresce under uv light when Sophie embarks on her journey inside the tree.

Photo Credit: Andrew Moore.

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