Out of this world….


We are pleased to announce our long time collaborative partners Highly Sprung are winners of the Gone in 20 seconds audience prize with their new touring outdoor show Urban Astronaut.

“Urban Astronaut explores the environmental issue of air pollution, one of the most serious problems affecting the environment today.

An aerial performer dressed as a realistic but damaged astronaut is suspended at times up to 20ft in the air, walking as if without gravity, spinning and turning, using a flying machine attached by harness at the hips, aerial performance without strings. The machine is fully mobile on wheels and can process through crowds and streets.”

HS always like to give us a challenge, and designing spaceman of the future certainly gave us one!  Sadly climate controlled suits are only something supplied by NASA, so Mark gets a little warm….

The show is touring all over this year and beyond, so try and grab a show if you can!


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