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Shop Front Festival

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Transforming Coventry

The Brief

We transformed disused shops into beautiful spaces inspired by the Surrounding architecture and design.

In 2018 we joined Theatre Absolute in their Shop Front Festival which saw the inside of Coventry’s empty and inhabited shop spaces and outside shop windows, precincts and public spaces transformed into venues for a weekend of interventions and public events.

We transformed disused shops into beautiful spaces inspired by the architecture and design in and around the shops which then became the stage for a variety of new dance pieces, performative works, experimentation and dialogue. The transformation of the shops happened as part of the performance which allowed us the opportunity to explore the art behind what we do as we had to choreograph how the dressing happened in front of the audience’s eyes.

We took the Shop Front Festival branding designed by Andrew Moore and created bespoke fabric which was used across the city and for the costumes of dance groups to coordinate and signify that everyone belonged.

Photos courtesy of Andrew Moore.

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