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Coventry Lights Switch on Outdoor Spectacle

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Christmas in Coventry

The Brief

There’s only one thing that can help now… magic!

It’s nearly Christmas but no one is ready, there are still gifts to wrap and decorations to hang. There’s only one thing that can help now… magic! Watch as the joy of Christmas spills out into the street through a vibrant mix of dance, acrobatics and colourful characters who leap, turn and tumble their way towards a Christmas Coventry will never forget… But has everyone been invited to the party? 

There’s sure to be trouble if not, with Jack Frost and his icy tricks hiding just around the corner! Commissioned by the spectacular Coventry City Centre working in partnership with our favourite collaborators Highly Sprung Performance Co. #thisiscoventry #ukcityofculture2021 Photography by Andrew Moore

Audience members


Number of local young performers


Number of fairy lights used


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