Love it when tec works!

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Over the years we’ve designed a lot of our own fabric to work into costumes and decor.

I am loving working with the branding of the Shop Front Festival to create some bespoke fabric to dress the city (as we are the official #citydressers).  Every time I design fabric and need to create a repeating pattern, I am reminded why I love tec, when it works (I certainly do not love it all the time and can be found trying to reason with my computer/ phone/ add other tec here, as there is no logical reason it shouldn’t work…).

I am a self taught, went to school when computers were very new, screens only displayed black with green writing and you had to rip the edges off  your printouts.

I know I do not use photoshop to its full brilliance, but when creating fabric designs the offset filter is just genius.  There are lots of videos and tutorials out there, but in short
– divide your canvas up using guides to find the centre of your canvas. (I type in 50% in the guide box)
– create your pattern / image then flatten the layers so you have just one layer with your design on.  (I usually create a duplicate of all layers, put them in a folder, move it to the bottom and hide it, then flatten the originals as I always want to re-use something in the layer)
– then choose the filter – other – offset
– enter half your width and height of the canvas in the relevant boxes, make sure wrap around is selected then voila! (The fabric I’ve designed for the festival spans the full width so repeat just on the height.)

Off to order 40 meters of the fabric now.  If you want to see it in real life we will be using it to dress performers and the city during the festival on the 24th March.




  1. Anne Forgan on March 28, 2018 at 10:22 am

    Your fabric designs was truly gorgeous and definitely brightened up Coventry for Shop Front Festival last weekend. Proud owner of a sash and want to know if I can have a skirt in it please?

    • Nicola Richardson on March 28, 2018 at 10:36 am

      Hi Anne
      Thank you! We were lucky to be working with the festival’s branding which was created by the equally brilliant Andrew Moore. Great colours eh? We haven’t delved in the realms of fashion wear, but can certainly have a chat! I think Julia from Theatre Absolute was also keen for a skirt….

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