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Entrance to Palm Court

We were back at the Waldorf in London with our clients from the Maple Court Social Committee at the weekend.

It is our third year delivering their annual party, and for us it’s a great example of trust and how believing in people gets even better results.

It was one of our favourite themes anyway, Alice in Wonderland.  For creatives like us it’s a perfect mix of great visuals and fun concepts.  Since we began working with MCSC, our main USP is that over dinner we always create a change around in the reception area, and in the case of the Waldorf the stunningly beautiful Palm Court.  This year saw half painted rose bushes grow into 4m high finished trees,  Flamingo croquet, edible mushrooms enjoyed under a mushroom canopy and a forrest of edible cookies.

We’re always given a wish list and ideas which we develop and include in our offer.  We provide some visuals and an overall concept and breakdown but for the main part we always aim to surprise and delight even the organisers.  They trust our creativity and even if they don’t completely understand how something might work they trust our excitement and skill to deliver.  It works because we trust them to tell us if our ideas are too mad, and that they know their colleagues better than us, so we sometimes go back to the drawing board to rework and re imagine, but that’s what pushes us to be better.

Their belief in our creations allow us to dream big and work harder to push the boundaries of event decor.

Thank you to MCSC for working with us and trusting us, and to all our fabulous clients who do the same.

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