So last Thursday we held the first INTERSECT event as part of our 10 years in business celebrations.

The event was not about what 2021 is going to do for us, but how we make the most of it and create our own opportunities together.

We turn 10 as a company this year,  all of us reflect and plan but significant birthdays get us to reflect deeper about where we’ve been and where we’re going.

As you would expect our planning has included discussions around 2021 – it is such an exciting opportunity for Coventry and Warwickshire: It’s already stimulated wider conversations about culture, and the arts and has got people in rooms talking and sharing.

We’re excited. For us it is a stimulus to decide what we want to do in that celebratory year, with an even greater sense of ambition as it feels like a whole other level of possibilities is open to us whether we’re part of the official programme or not.  We obviously talk of the practical – what are we actually going to do, and how we might do that, but its been discussions about the bigger picture – what we hope for the city and the lasting legacy of that year; For young people to not only experience but to actively lead on activity as leaders of the future, for Coventry to be proud of the city that it is and the achievements it has made, for Coventrians to expect something to be happening and actively look for what’s on, for Coventry and Warwickshire to not be seen as the poor relation to Birmingham, for ecomomic growth in the region.  But bigger than that we think there is an opportunity for arts and cultural activity to be more sustainable.

The business community has invested a staggering amount of money to ensure 2021 is a fantastic year of happenings. It’s a good way to spend a marketing budget, but past the exposure of 2021, and even for 2021 there has to be something more, a greater relationship between those investing the money, and the work that goes on, its not just about a company’s logo on a banner.

But we think it’s about more than money.

For us that cross sector relationship is the really interesting and exciting part. Bigger conversations about the assets and skills we all have within the region, within the room, and how relationships, partnerships as we heard from Derek Lawrence from Arup and Louise Richards from Motionhouse might be created and grow.  At the Coventry and Warwickshire Champions event last Wednesday Chenine Bhathena and David Moorcroft both talked about this being a time of curiosity.  If we can all be curious about the possibilities of doing something differently, and taking a bit of  time out of our busy lives to connect and discover, what we can achieve could be exciting and prosperous for everyone: to unleash the power of good collaboration, that us Vortex girls know so well.

What have we got.  What might you need, or value – Time, space, skills, by products – or something we cant even think of now, but could after a few cups of tea together.

We decided to hold the event, as a pilot with the support of the LEP, Imagineer Productions, Arup, Motionhouse and Earthen Lamp, because we’re not the only ones who see the benefit of creating networks across sectors.  However currently events are more segregated, understandably, but where are the possibilities to expand those networks to explore bigger opportunities to work together, solve problems together and to be critical friends helping to push our companies further?

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  1. Charlie Budd on April 25, 2019 at 5:35 am

    Hi, I’m a photographer and videographer. I’d be interested in future events. Cheers, Charlie

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