Developing the Vortex

Since creating our award winning and namesake wearable art the Vortex it has been something we’ve looked to develop.  It is a unique costume which works with the performer, but what are the possibilities.  In 2009 we used its design to influence our entry for the World of Wearable Art awards in New Zealand.  since then it has been on the list, and the troope of 5 Vortex prove a popular act.

This year I was awarded a Random String Fellowship.  It is a great opportunity to explore the use of technology within my practise as a Designer.  Inspired by the possibilities the Vortex has become the focus of my enquiry.  How might we use technology to develop integration with the work?

For more information about the Fellowship please see the Random String website for more information.  and in the meantime, this video shows some initial research and play using the costume to control both tempo and notes in a soundscape.

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