Climb that tree!


We were lucky to work with David Gibb earlier in the year to bring his family album ‘Climb that Tree’ to life as a stage show.  David was possibly the tallest person we’ve worked with, so a good job we know how to design and  make things tall!  The show is touring to various venues so check out his website for tour dates.

Standing at 3.5m tall, the challenge was to design something that could also fit in the back of an estate with an array of different instruments.  The next challenge were 6 brightly coloured flowers that needed to open revealing objects to prompt the next song.  All in a days work for the Vortex team, and we are delighted to report, all flowers opened as planned with a touch of a button, much to the delight of the audience, and relief here at VC HQ (got to love a bit of tec when it works as planned!).

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