How do you please an accountant?

hbo_tree (Medium)

…make them a branded Christmas tree!

We had great fun being inspired by our fabulous accountants branding, and produced a 7ft tree made from books and paper. It was decorated with folded paper, numbers and Jelly Beans (their strap line is ‘not just bean counters!’).

We have a lot to offer the corporate market, offering organisations access to creative branding, product launches and exhibition services…..We want to help organisations stand out from the crowd and through our experience and expertise we are able to help companies approach marketing and events in a completely different fashion to traditional marketing firms. If someone can imagine it, we can create it – and if they can’t imagine it, we can create it anyway!

We particularly liked this photo taken by Paul Gilroy Photography, as it looks as if Marianne has never before seen a paper tree (well not many have) and also looks as if she is auditioning for charlies angels the way she is holding the glue gun….I however look like a small grinning boy. Hoorah for the Glamorous Sue from HBO and our tree for saving the shot!

Mark Ashfield from HBO said “Almost everyone who has seen it has commented on how impressive it is.

“I think Marianne and Nicola have done a fantastic job and to be able to capture the company branding in such a visual and unusual fashion is a very impressive achievement.”
Aww thanks Mark!! Merry Christmas x