Coventry is City of Culture. As we approach 2021 what does this mean for Businesses and Creative Industries in Coventry and Warwickshire, and how might we use this time as an opportunity to make new connections across sectors for mutual benefit and prosperity that live past 2021.

Networking is always separated into sectors, but we believe there are exciting and profitable opportunities to collaborate outside of the usual constraints.  There are many examples across the globe of organisations from different sectors working together, playing on each others strengths for success.

Vortex believe collaborations across sectors are vital for developing a more sustainable and embedded arts and cultural offer for the city.  As a company we have always worked across sectors, and are well positioned to support the development of relationships between the two.  In 2019 we launched our Intersect program.   Intersect events aim to bring Arts and Business together with inspirational speakers and opportunities to network with the people in the room with some additional matchmaking from the Vortex Team.

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